A Clearer View

Your view of the road is critical to your safety, being able to see in all conditions can simply come down the wipers you have fitted. Being able to rely on your wipers to quickly clear your windscreen of rain, dirt, snow or road grime with one or two swipes is comforting and reassuring. 

Cleaning your Wiper Blades

Using a clean Micro Fibre cloth we suggest regularly cleaning your windscreen with a reputable brand window cleaning spray. Using the same window cleaning spray on a clean side of the cloth gently lift the wiper blades clear of the windscreen and gently wipe along the length of the blade several times. Doing this regularly will increase the life of your wiper blades and guarantee a clearer view with minimal swipes.

Time for New Wiper Blades?

Are your Wiper Blades-

Not clearing all water from screen

If any of the above occurs you will need to change your wipers, in most cases these issues occur intermittently and will give you a heads up warning, don’t wait till it’s hard to see before you replace your Wiper Blades.
Your local weather conditions have a huge impact on your wipers life cycle - warmer weather can warp the rubber, whereas cooler temperatures can make the rubber harden up. Keep in mind the more your wipers are used and the more they are exposed to the extreme Hot and Cold conditions they will deteriorate and lower the life of your Wiper Blades.
Wiper Arms
As your vehicle ages so do the Wiper Arms. In most cases the Wiper Arms on your vehicle will be fine and not need replacement, they do however need inspection from time to time, the continual use does cause wear. You need to look at the hinge points and the amount of lateral flex the arm has which should be minimal, this flex will enable the Wiper Blade to not sit squarely on the Windscreen and not do it’s job properly regardless of its age.

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